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Soul Paperback (YA Edition)

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Rock bottom is just a pit stop.

In the aftermath of a devastating showdown thousands of miles from home, Bird sinks into an abyss of despair.

Powerless, abandoned by hope, and plagued by defeat, she faces a moment of reckoning. But when a shocking revelation exposes a sinister plot that jeopardizes the very future of humanity, Bird realizes she can no longer wallow in defeat. The lives of those she loves hang in the balance, and in order to save them she must confront the darkest corners of her soul.

Bird is forced to make a pivotal choice. Will she start down a path of redemption and transform her deepest vulnerabilities into extraordinary strengths? Or will she succumb to the engulfing darkness that threatens to swallow her whole?

Printing takes about 10 days. Arrives in approximately 2 weeks.

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