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The end is only the beginning.

All he wants is to bring Bird back.

But Sargo is tied up in the fight against Zenith, and his new Exiters comrades seem to think he’s a hero for facing down a bullet for her. Sargo doesn't see it that way. They want him to lead, but Sargo’s not a leader—has never been a leader. Harebrained schemes and risky escape plans are Bird and Johnny’s department.

Find Bird. Find Electra. Bring them home. Those are his only objectives. So he sets off into the Land of the Dead, ignoring Johnny’s pleas to let Bird go, and ignoring the call to join the revolution. But what he finds there is not what he expected.

Faced with harsh realities about himself and his past, he grapples with demons that make him question his very identity.

Can he find Bird and Electra and bring them back? Will he be the one to lead humanity into a brave new world? Or will he succumb to his turmoil and lose himself completely?

Hey Crew!

If you just finished Passage and are currently staring at the release date of this book in disbelief, uber pissed at me because it doesn’t come out til next year…

…just know that I’m sorry. Seriously, I want to write this book SO BADLY. It’s the last book in the series and now it’s going to be living in my head for, like, a year. But I promise I won’t George R. R. Martin you—this book WILL come out!

The reason it’s taking so long is that I just signed my first trad deal, and I have to write THAT book first. If you’re interested in getting updates about it (it’s the start of a whole new series and it’s going to be awesome) please consider joining my newsletter:

When you join, you’ll also get a free prequel to this series.

Thanks for all your support. I love you, bye!


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