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Savage Paperback (Spicy Edition)

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If you would prefer a version without explicit scenes, check out the YA edition.

"I'd rather be a savage with you than be civilized on my own."

Jameson Briggs grew up in a savage world.

A survivor of the pandemic. An orphan at twelve. A brilliant poet, bullied for his words. A cutthroat pirate, ruthlessly hunted.

But when a disastrous shipwreck leaves him stranded in a foreign city, Jameson finds himself starting over in a world that is savage in a whole new way. Political maneuvering. Deception. Wealth. Beautiful women.

Beautiful, dangerous women.

Like Petra and Zahara, daughters of the city's most powerful CEO and heirs to a tech fortune. As Jameson grows closer to their family, his world spirals and he is drawn deeper into the city's web of lies and corruption.

Jameson must decide: will he rise above it?

Or will he become a savage?

Printing takes about 10 days. Arrives in approximately 2 weeks.

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