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Passage Paperback (Spicy Edition)

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If you would prefer a version without explicit scenes, check out the YA edition.

Paso a Paso. Step by step.

On the surface, Sargo’s path seems clear: get to Bird. Infiltrate the Exiters. Bring them to justice. But the way forward could not be more confusing.

Before he can even think about finding Bird, Zenith has to locate the Exiters. And before he can infiltrate them as a spy, Sargo needs to complete training to hold his own in such a precarious situation. Navigating his feelings for Bird, his feelings for Johnny, and his newly liberated identity while simultaneously training to infiltrate the Exiters seems like an impossible task.

Once he does make it inside, the deeper he gets into the organization, the more their rhetoric starts to make sense. Is he falling for their propaganda? Or is Bird right? Are the Exiters humanity’s only hope?

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